Faces of a Generation…

In my last post, I mentioned that we’re heading into the fun part of creating EEI’s awareness campaign about electricity as a vehicle fuel and asked for help selecting a name. Thanks to you, we now have one!
As a community, you have dubbed yourselves “The Electric Generation”. One not defined by age, but the common belief that driving electric is simply better- even if you don’t have an electric car of your own yet. 
As we finish building out the website and other graphic elements, we want to feature real members of The Electric Generation. So we are inviting everyone to literally be one of the faces of our campaign by submitting a headshot. Specific requirements are below, and photos can be emailed to  EEIPhotos@edelman.com.  We’re eager to show you more, so will be selecting the first photos soon- but please keep them coming after that too!
And thanks again to everyone who’s helped us put this together, we really appreciate it. It’s been a lot of fun, and we hope you’ll enjoy being a part of it.
Photo Requirements:
  • Straight-on shots, no profiles
  • Larger than 1MB
  • Portrait shots only (roughly from the shoulders up, including a few inches above the top of the head)
  • In front of a blank white wall
  • Minimize shadows (soft white light)
  • Maximum resolution
  • Color photos only
  • Acceptable formats: JPG, PNG

2 thoughts on “Faces of a Generation…

  1. I don’t really get how lots of people’s ‘headshots’ helps to promote EV’s
    Why not feature photos of drivers AND their EV, or drivers plugging their EV into a charging station? And why not make it easy and let us use an existing photo instead of asking for a specific type of photo (white background etc…) ! I am registered at http://www.drivingelectric.org as ‘solarman’ and I’m on the SFBayleafs.org Facebook page. I am not exactly comfortable sending you a ‘head shot’ – How will bit be used? To what purpose?

    1. Hi Marc,

      I appreciate your feedback- and all are fair comments/questions. It’s not that we’ll only ever want “headshots”, but there are a couple of design elements for which candids won’t work as well- and because we’re excited to unveil the campaign, we have prioritized asking for the specific types of pictures we need first, so we can do that.

      I understand that it’s a leap of faith of sorts for those who’ve contributed, and we’ve debated internally whether we should try and show some sort of mock-up to help explain….but have decided that we’d rather have everyone’s first look be “the real thing” as we and the community have collectively created it, than a partial version. I know that means we’ll get fewer photos at this stage, which is ok- we’ll welcome them after people have had a chance to see the purpose, too.


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