What’s in a name?

I’ve been helping the Edison Electric Institute (EEI -an association representing the shareholder-owned electric utilities in the US), plan a community-oriented campaign to generate consumer interest about the benefits of plug-in vehicles and using electricity as a transportation fuel.

Specifically, the project aims to capture and convey the real-world, emotionally-connected experiences of driving plug-in vehicles- the fun, cool, convenient aspects you all know so well and tell your friends about. In late July, I asked you to complete a survey about those favorite features. In addition, we’ve conducted live focus groups and a ton of additional research into online conversations about electric cars, media coverage, etc. All of that has gone into the crafting of a campaign “story” that we hope amplifies your EV driving experiences and helps spread them to the next generation of drivers.

We’re heading into the “fun part”- graphic elements, fleshing out the website, specific messaging, etc., and would like more input from you. This survey focuses on the campaign name, which will also influence tone and other elements. After a few internal rounds of feedback from various stakeholders (including EV drivers), we’ve narrowed it to three- so this survey is much quicker than the last!  :) It will stay live through Friday, 10/26.

As always, I look forward to any feedback or questions, and appreciate your time!


  1. Drive the Future, or Switch to the Future, but no Generations Please, and Nissan is already using “Shift” in their TV Spots.

  2. Done, but honestly didn’t care for any of them. Marketing is hard. :(

  3. Tom D said

    Nissan uses Switch_ — I have never figured out what the underscore signifies, but it gets my attention.

    • Tom, sorry to be sticky but Nissan uses “Shift” not “Switch” in their advertisements.

  4. evjuice said

    I’m pretty picky.

    I liked the the last one. Many way to spin it.

  5. Got a Ford Focus EV mailer with the tagline “Go Just About Anywhere. Gas-Free”. I didn’t think that was very good. Seems to lay out the limitations.

  6. steve c said

    “Electric Avenue”. At least this should be the theme song. I also didn’t like the choices listed in the survey, however.

  7. “Leave Gas – Go Juice.” (Lots of “Inner Meaning” in that one.)

  8. e-gasmic
    :) edgy, fun, sexy as hell.

    • evchels said

      aww, shucks- I’m blushing!
      Oh, wait- you meant electric cars? Yeah, ok- they are… :)

  9. Etcele Rate said

    Turn the key to “e”.

  10. Jack Brown said

    “Take Charge” – I like where you were going with the Electric Generation description, just I didn’t like the phrase. Liberating oneself from Foreign Oil, gas stations, fumes, price spikes. Gaining independence, being liberated. I think these two words sums it up.

  11. Noel said

    I like “take charge”

  12. I actually like Switch, I think it has a battery of powerful possibilities.

  13. josh said

    how about, “Fuck Fossil Fuel”?

  14. Paul C from Austin said

    First two not so hot- “Switch” much better. “Take Charge” from above not bad either. How about: “We have Alternatives now” (which is probably too long)

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