Just a girl who plays with (mostly electric) cars, tilts at windmills as a lifestyle choice. After more than 20 years, it remains an adventure…

Oh, you wanted something a little more…detailed? Grown-up? Need a bio for an event or project we’re doing together? Okey dokey. Here are a couple, of different lengths:


The Full Monty:


Chelsea Sexton started selling cars at age 17 to put herself through college, but soon found her passion for electric vehicles (and her lead foot) as part of the General Motors EV1 program. In the two decades since, she has amassed unparalleled expertise in the electric transportation ecosystem, including market strategy, stakeholder engagement, retail processes, public policy, infrastructure, and communications.

Chelsea led the initial creation of the Automotive X PRIZE, which has since awarded $10 million to winning teams and inspired similar prize efforts to leverage talent and investment to catalyze efficient transportation solutions.

As a Senior Advisor to VantagePoint Capital Partners’ Cleantech practice, she helped guide the firm’s transportation-related investment priorities, most notably an early stake in Tesla Motors.

Chelsea’s diverse adventures have also included advising Audi, Nissan, Tesla, Chevrolet, Google, Best Buy, Edison Electric Institute, Hoover Institution, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, California Energy Commission, and many others. On the non-profit side, she co-founded Plug In America, the largest consumer-oriented electric drive advocacy group, and remained its Executive Director for several years.

Chelsea has been featured in a handful of books, TV shows, and the critically-acclaimed Sony Pictures Classics film, Who Killed the Electric Car?, and she was a Consulting Producer on the follow-up, Revenge of the Electric Car. She is quoted frequently in a variety of media outlets, and occasionally writes for one of them when a topic gets under her skin.


The Cliff’s Notes:


Chelsea Sexton’s electric transportation background includes working on General Motors’ EV1 program, serving as Director of the Automotive X PRIZE, Senior Advisor for VantagePoint Capital Partners, and co-founding Plug In America. Chelsea was featured in Who Killed the Electric Car?, and was a Consulting Producer on Revenge of the Electric Car. She currently serves as an advisor, consultant, and general pot-stirrer, is quoted frequently in a variety of media outlets, and occasionally writes for one of them.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Why not an EV2?…

    I sent you a message a couple of hours ago.
    Bottom line: for the EV it’s time to move on from the early adopter strategy.

    Shed weight and girth is beneficial in many respects. Cut production costs for starters, which helps to become less dependent on fiscal incentives. Less batteries required, more maneuverability and flexibility. More utilitarian too; for instance, Teslas are typical owner’s cars, making car- and ride-sharing not very likely. A narrow vehicle forms the perfect excuse to bring the sort of Fahrvergnügen no other car can. I even go so far that such a vehicle can rival public transport. There’s more…

    My New iSetta concept already received recognition by automotive experts.
    Obviously, I would like to take it further towards development.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Ralph Panhuyzen
    ++31 23 743 4661

    PS: despite its outlandish looks, my guess is that with global car sales around 80 million, interesting 1 out of 800 prospective buyers sounds quite doable…

  2. Hello, Shelsea, have you thought that the automobile industry has a direct relationship with the programmed obsolescence ?,

    lest see.. obviously after the Ford T model was not sold so much and the chevrolet decided to introduce the variety of models, this trend is the current fashion that Ensures the income of a company are always active .. and that contributes to electric cars not popular, at least until this kind of cars they last no more than 5 years, ensuring profits for the industry .. if a car will break in 5 to 10 years, a client alway must buy other…

    Making blog entryes and articles with this information “included” lighty, will have some kind of importance to ours.. as clients, this kind of behavior are presnet in any kind of industry…

  3. Hola, estoy en proceso de realizar un seminario de Medios Completos en Colombia enfocado a periodismo cultural, el tema central es Medio Ambiente, y quisiera saber si podemos contar con sus investigaciones para compartir y los conceptos actuales mundiales de las políticas que nos favorecen o no. Jacky Revelo
    le dejo mi correo si este es su contacto.

  4. How can GM sell more Volts? (any maker could use this idea to increase sales)

    Weekly Or Monthly rentals/leases.
    AND perhaps with an option to buy.

    Dealers could do it. GM could organize it too.

  5. Dear Chesea I have an idea about a car motor that thosen’t consume any fuel. if you want know more. pleace contact with me

  6. Dear Chelsea,
    You have the same powerful smile as Bridget Fonda in case you didn’t know.
    Please let me see it when you publish a Youtube video review of Tesla model 3.
    This car is going to change the whole worlds perception of EV’s.
    TMS 85D owner + TSLA Stockholder

  7. Hi Chelsea,

    I am a researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab working on a research project idea to accelerate the adoption of EVs in the US. Given your background and experience, I was wondering if I could speak to you by phone about the project and get some inputs and suggestions from you. If so, please reply to me at pfiske@lbl.gov.

    Many thanks,


  8. Hey Chelsea, just checking back to see if you replied. I can’t seem to find the original comment section I was at, but I’m here to chat so you can send me a reply or an email.

  9. Hey Chealsea,

    I came to visit your blog because while doing research for my master of management program, I saw you featured in “Who killed the electric car?” documentary, I think you are pretty cool!

    Just found that you stopped updating this blog since 2017, is there a specific reason? Will you continue updating here? 🙂


  10. Just watched the documentary – so incredibly fascinating, strange, and sad at the same time. I just placed an order for a Tesla Model Y. Tesla should really consider hiring you since you were a pioneer.

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