Lapping it up at Indy Motor Speedway…

Racing has long been not only about sport, and fans, and capturing hearts and minds- but about automotive technology development. As part of its 100th anniversary celebration, the Indy Motor Speedway is re-embracing its technology incubation roots with Emerging Tech Day, on May 7th. The day is filled with activities, including three different alt fuel vehicle exhibition competitions: Formula Hybrid, the American Solar Challenge, and the Purdue evGrandPrix. Ensuring something for everyone, the Centennial Era Balloon Festival featuring colorful hot-air balloons from across the United States will also take place that day, and the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon includes a lap around the famous 2.5-mile oval as part of its traditional course for 35,000 runners. That’s gotta be a sight to see!

(Hmm…I’ll leave the running to the others, but what’s the over/under on how long it’ll take me to talk my way into a race car- or a hot air balloon?)

Even better, IMS is offering anyone with a plug-in car the opportunity to take a lap on the famous track in your own car. That’s right- Volts, Leaves, Teslas, iMiEVs, conversions – you name it –  get it there, and you get to drive it on a piece of history. (Make sure to register first.) Got me some goosebumps just thinking about it…

Hope to see you there- and since I’m now Volt-less, if you’re taking a lap, I call shotgun!

5 thoughts on “Lapping it up at Indy Motor Speedway…

  1. Hmmm- over and under?

    To get into a race car- I would say over, as a passenger- waaay under if you want behind the wheel- your reputation is too well known!

    And going up in a Hot air baloon? Gosh! That is just too easy a target to take a shot at! So I’ll be nice and just go to push on this one.

    I would never go up myself- too afraid I would be mistaken for ballast;-)

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