14 thoughts on “Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery…

    1. If the car were any bigger, I’d agree. Even I was surprised at how much I liked the Lightning Green when I saw it on a Tesla demo. Looks great in the sun. And it is cute on the tiny little smart- but definitely not a color for everyone.

  1. I really love that color. We borrowed a Tesla for a review that color and my kids went WILD…

    So is that the Smart Custom? Or just a clever photoshop? 😉

  2. The Tesla is stunningly small. I have only been next to a Tesla once and that was the most striking feature of the car. Now with it next to a Smart Car, you can get an even more dramatic comparison.

    1. True, though the Roadster is a good bit longer than the smart. In person the smart is obviously taller, but the smarts actually look smaller. There are three smarts that live at that Tesla store (driven by employees). It’s a sight to see!

  3. Mercedes should have stuck with the Snot Rocket concept. Would have given a people a reason to spend over 30 grand on a leasing a Smart.for 4 years for about the same money to buy a Nissan Leaf.

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