4 thoughts on “PIC Round-up: truth is stranger than fiction…

  1. Biased reivews, unfortunately, just have to be dealt with- hopefully more balanced responses, such as yours, will reach enough of the public.

    Is the CS review you are talking about?

    I did not have as much issue with the CS review, though I do wish they would take a longer view of such technology, rather than on just the ‘here and now.’ Though in fairness to what their mission is, making judgements on future need can cause some conflict with what they do. However, that said, even with the difficulty that may entail in engendering a posible political stance- I wish they would step up and consider a technology’s long term benefit as well, on issues that shouldn’t be political.

    It’s funny- when the Prius and other hybrids first came out years ago, they did not recommend them at that time either, citing a lack of economic sense- i.e, it would cost more than their gas cousins even with less gas used. At least they are consistent;-) Eventually, they have slowly changed their tune on hybrids- not-too-coincidently as the price of hybrids has dropped. And, in a sense, they are correct- EVs and EREVs like the Volt don’t make economic sense, if all you are looking at is the picture today, which, unfortunately, reflects very accurately the consumer of today- both will need to be educated.

    Of course, if gas pops up another dollar a gallon, their tune may change quickly regardless;-)

    1. Yes, we’ll have to deal with them as they come, hopefully while educating some of the journos along the way.

      My issues with the CR piece were not that they were judging the car, but taking a worst-case scenario (dead of winter) and a) implying that the Volt is the only type of vehicle that suffers in cold weather, and b) applying that worst case as what should be expected of the vehicle in all conditions- and therefore coming to a negative conclusion about the car- and the whole technology- based on that narrow experience.

      No car performs optimally at freezing temps, including the Prius that they compared it to. And while it’s their policy not to “recommend” a vehicle until they have 100 members who own said vehicle hand over a year’s worth of experience data, they’re willing to condemn a vehicle on one guy’s experience? It’s not even a matter of defending the Volt specifically so much as calling out the methodology of CR.

  2. Hey Chels, since the self-proclaimed automotive pundits obviously don’t know how to properly evaluate a high tech car, why not have someone with a known track record evaluate one…..like maybe Jay Leno???

    1. Well, while he has a few, I don’t think Jay would be terribly favorable toward these cars either. But whether those who specialize in these cars or more mainstream journalists, whomever wants to be covering them should at least be educating themselves.

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