8 thoughts on “Waldo alert (old school style)…

  1. Now that’s funny! The picture, not the volt-less Chelsea;-) You must have been the last CAB consultant to lose their ride. Any plans for y’all to compile your ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ conclusions? Any of y’all’s suggestions make it into the Volt yet?

    1. I thought I would have been the last too, but no- apparently a couple of prominent east-coast CABbies were more successful in hiding theirs than I was. 🙂

      Yes, have been providing a ton of feedback all along, and will compile and post. I know a few things are going to go in- John Hughes mentions a few here: http://bit.ly/dO1tgU but I’m as curious to see as anyone what the end result is…

  2. Not that it might help much, but it’s hard to read the street sign on the milk carton, so here’s the exact location: Corner of Chelsea Road at 600 Cloydon Road across from Palos Verdes High School (in PV Estates, of course). OK Angelenos, you now have the “last seen location” of this gorgeous, valuable missing Volt. Enjoy the treasure hunt and may the best geohunter win!

    PS: OnStar employees with access to the Volt’s GPS coordinates will be disqualified

  3. I might have spotted your Volt at our local GM dealer. The sticker said “Used: One careful lady owner.” When asked who, they said they didn’t know but that they’d found a half-used roll of tin-foil in the trunk and tufts of grass sticking out of the seams.

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