8 thoughts on “It would be a stretch, but…

  1. Sorry to spoil your fun but it’s simply NOT POSSIBLE to do this as you ‘imagine’ LOL.

    It was written using a scribe (i.e. finger) then colored added with “other”

  2. @Paul: With the rash of snow storms in Southern California it had to be happen. I mean it only snows here once in a blue moon. I’m guessing Chelsea had a little help with the penmanship as writing in snow with urine is not super easy. And is that actually a Volt in the snow? Something seems wrong?


  3. Hey Chels,

    I’ve been trying to keep up to your blog. How do you like the car? I want to see how they perform over time. We would really like to have one but are not educated enough on the product to purchase yet.

  4. Has anyone noticed that the picture has been flipped? The Volt doesn’t have a charger on the passenger side!!! So what does the message really say? lol
    Perhaps its upside down as welll “vrr wine, wine wine”

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