9 thoughts on “The most awesome traffic jam in LA…

  1. Wish I said what TEG said. I remember having about as many cars when I was a kid, and miles of the orange track. Must’ve taken a while to set up this shot.
    Hi Chris!

  2. LOL! I have to admit, if I came home to find my kid’s hot wheels decorating my new Volt, I would probably blow a gasket, er, BMS circuit!

    Reminds me of going out one Saturday morning 14-15 years ago, to find that my 4-year-old daughter had scrawled DAD (with one ‘D’ reversed) on the hood of our car with a rock! Yes, she is still alive. I’ll save the story of her flooding our house for another time;-)

    And hey! Dads have models, not ‘toys.’

    1. Yikes! We had no permanent damage here. Whole thing came undone in a fraction of the time it took to put it up.

      Are they still called models if they’re the same Hotwheels the boy plays with? Dad’s are just still in the package…

      1. They may look the same to the undiscerning eye, but of course they’re different! We’re grown men! We don’t play or trade with kid’s toys! They’re models! Or collectibles! Yeah, that sounds better- valuable collectibles! And since your husband works in the automotive industry, they are probably job-related research as well! (though, perhaps he might be wise not to claim them on his taxes as such- the IRS is so closed-minded!)

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