Human resources…

Ok, so not technically a Hide my Volt pic. Bob and I give a presentation each year to a group of engineering students and technicians-in-training as part of the alternative fuel program at Cerritos College (fantastic program and great people, btw- I encourage you to check it out.) This year, we brought along a Tesla and my CAB Volt so they could see the technology up close; as I watched them crawl into every orifice of the Volt, it became harder to tell where the car ended and the people began. A few more folks, and you probably wouldn’t be able to tell that it was a Volt at all- which got me thinking

2 thoughts on “Human resources…

  1. Ahhh- so this is the shot that started the whole ‘Where’s Waldo’ series for your Volt;-)

    Thank you for a week of fun- but now you have spoiled the natives, and we may expect more.

    So has your Volt been returned yet, or is yours still hid, er, in your posession.

  2. Didn’t start it, but as I was going back through old photos it did strike me as useful! And more are coming- couple every day, as you’ve seen.

    I still have mine. ;o) Really.

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