18 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo?

  1. I am pretty sure that they have to return them to the Burbank facility. What if there were a picket line to keep cars from going INTO the Burbank lot? Doesn’t that mean we keep them instead?

  2. I’ll donate the bail money (not to exceed $41,000) to free the “guilty” in exchange for any CAB member’s Volt Title and/or any claim to ownership.*

    *The stubby antenna centered above the rear hatch window must be shielded to block the OnStar signal, preventing vehicle location. All other shielding can then be safely removed, which should reveal Waldo inside under the hatch. :o)

  3. Perhaps your Volt could have a little ‘accident.’ You can’t return what was ‘accidently’ dropped into the East River. Hey! GM! Sorry, but the body, er, car body seems to have washed out to sea. Accidently. And you wouldn’t wanna have any more accidents, now, would ya GM?

    (and I was only in New Jersey for 2 1/2 years!)

  4. maybe GM will just sell them?

    If GM won’t sell them, it would be nice if they were donated to Auto Museums
    or training centers. If High School Dropouts could be trained on how to
    repair the volt using the CAB models, they would learn the basics,
    and the systems would serve a purpose.

  5. Don’t you wish you had been this creative when GM was coming for your EV1… GM will be crushing these like they did the EV1’s before them….

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