5 thoughts on “Filling potholes…

  1. Nice piece of reporting Chelsea I just read the piece you wrote about the BBC reporting on the E-Mini versus Tesla drive… I must say I TOTALLY AGREE with you comments about the proper NICHE for EVs and the similarity with Microwave Ovens was spot on! I would only add it seems obvious to me that we should concentrate on success such as the higher efficiency of EV for short trips in traffic just as Microwave ovens excel at reheating. The other an perhaps more news grabbing EV application is in Drag Racing and Short Track Racing activities which the NEHDRA chapter of the EAA /EVA is promoting with considerable success. As the Military Advisors say “Pick your battles.” because it is better to win than lose !

    1. Agreed, Dennis about racing being a more appropriate opportunity to promote EVs in a “sexy” way. Reality is that most people won’t be racing any more than they’ll be doing long road trips, but at least the racing focuses more on the strengths of electric drive technology.

      True, you could get into the efficiency thing with cars/microwaves, but I think it’s not even necessary (and will go over the heads of many). What they “get” about the microwave analogy is that it’s a device you use every day, but wouldn’t use for one or two things. The “why” (efficiency, etc.) is less important for the general public to understand in order to make the point.

  2. “Balance, young Grasshopper- when you can snatch the battery from my hand…” to paraphrase that iconic TV show from the early 70’s, which boldly shows my age and my crafty wit;-)

    Again, very good response, Chelsea. I very much cannot wait for the day we transition off of gas (and coal for that matter)- and when the Tesla raced to show up the BBC reporter, I had to smile about it. But you are right- showmanship mis-centers what the argument should be- that EVs, RIGHT NOW, are great for some circumstances and some people- indeed, they could easily replace a large percentage of our vehicles with little to no change in our driving habits. But they will not replace all of them- not yet. And our message has to accurately portray EVs- neither to sell them short, nor to oversell their capabilities.

    1. Thanks, Paul! I’m actually all for a little showmanship- have been part of a stunt or two myself. But we’ll have more credibility when we’re the first to call those what they are, and aim for balance the rest of the time.

      1. Poor choice of words- no grandstanding perhaps? or no one-upsmanship? No “anything you can do…” -no, just brings up images of Elon with a rifle- scary thought.

        No, those aren’t right. Don’t do it with mirrors. “Don’t be evil.” Nah- already taken.

        I guess just be truthful;-)

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