Rally time!!!

It’s hard to believe our official CAB term is almost up, but in a few short weeks our little adventure will indeed come to an end (providing, of course, that GM can find mine when the time comes!) I’ve talked a lot about the car and the experience -more elsewhere than here, though there are posts to be done too-  and we’ve all done our duty with reams of feedback for GM. I cannot wait to see what comes of it all.

Until then, it’s time for one last meet-up, and we thought we’d amp this one up a bit (pun intended). For the first time since we’ve been doing these, ours are not the only new plug-ins on the road around here- and we’d like to see just how many we can get together. We’ll assemble at the GM Training/Alt Fuel Center in Burbank (yup, that one) on Saturday, Feb 5th at 10am, and have a little road rally to SCE’s Irwindale facility about 25 miles away. I’ve not been there, but have been hearing for a while how cool their various technology displays are- and I can guarantee the company will be good! Addresses and other details here. All are welcome, as are all cars- Volts, Leaves, Teslas, Mini Es, RAVs, Rangers, Brammos…and yes, gas cars too. Bring what you got- but more importantly, bring you.

Should you get there early, go by and see Paula at the Riverside Cafe on the corner. When we were camped out for a very rainy month several years ago on her street, Paula became den mother and chief cheerleader, providing many of the essentials of my temporarily distilled life: hot coffee, warming garbanzo bean soup, fantastic cinnamon muffins, 24/7 access to her bathroom, and endless moral support. And she has been, hands down, the most excited person to test drive my Volt so far and see how very far we’ve come.

How very far. Come see.

PS- There are no formal RSVPs required, but I’d be grateful if you’d drop a comment here or on the CAB site if you can join us so we can get some sense of the size of the group- and the cars!

PPS- East Coast rally added! Sadly, cancelled due to weather. Stay warm and dry, guys!

12 thoughts on “Rally time!!!

  1. I’ve got my brand new LEAF “finally”. I’ll be there with bells on, or at least the soft chime Nissan added so the blind people can hear me coming.

    Looking forward to seeing Paula again. So glad to be doing this after the sad days of 2005. I think it would make a nice final scene for “Revenge of the Electric Car”.

    1. Congratulations! Yes, it’ll be a much brighter day than some we’ve spent there. And I’m sure it’s a stretch, but I have wondered if we could get *79* cars there. ;o)

    2. Congrats Paul. It is awesome to hear that you are in an Nissan LEAF. Can’t wait till we get them here in Massachusetts.

  2. Are you sure you can find your way there, Chelsea? I mean, without a picket sign pulling you along?

    I worry that the GM-installed navigation system won’t lead you there. If it says “405 South…” definitely put in the Riverside Cafe to get you within striking distance.

  3. So Chelsea, soon you will have an J1772 connector and nothing to plug it into? How can you deprive the J1772 of plug’n at least once a day. It is cruel.

  4. I’ll be there with my RAV, Chels. Haven’t been there since those fateful last two days in 2005. I will need to use an SCE SPI when we get to Irwindale or else I’ll have to camp overnight in Ed Kjaer’s office! Looking forward to seeing a lot of Volts, Leafs and good ol’ RAV4EVs, and of course, old friends and EV warriors! See you Saturday morning!


  5. Hi Chelsea,
    I am planning to come in my RAV …. will I be able to charge at Irwindale?
    I had heard that the SPI chargers had been replaced by J1772’s …. Did they leave some SPI’s?
    And at what time will the event conclude ….. or do you know?
    I’m looking forward to it.


    1. Great, William! Yes, there are 3 SPIs left in Irwindale. We may need to do a little switching off (depending on what RAV drivers really need to charge to get home) but should be able to work it out, no problem.

      I’m guessing it’ll go til around 2, give or take. Never can tell how long people will want to chat!

      see you tomorrow!

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