Chuck Squatriglia and Widget, photo shamelessly poached from Jim Merithew/Wired

Chuck over at Wired has been driving an iMiEV, and  seems to like it so far. But it appears that the novelty of seeing another EV on the road has worn off enough that he couldn’t get any love from a fellow commuter in a Tesla.

Aww, Tesla (yes, you- the gray one with a couple letters missing off the back), we all know you’re the high school quarterback of the EV scene- and I’m sure you didn’t mean to give the incoming freshman a social swirly. But maybe next time a friendly wave wouldn’t kill ya?

PS- for those who follow such things, Chuck’s family  named the iMiEV “Widget”…which is fine, as Mr. Bean could use a first name. ;o)

6 thoughts on “D’oh!

  1. LOL! The Wired article on the dissed iMeiv was funny! Though it did bring back nightmares of PE and horrific swirlies…

  2. We have the club out hunting them down; you might have to settle for an e-wave after the fact.

    He might just have been locked on to a wandering SUV up ahead; you know, the one with the cell phone in one hand and a bucket of coffee in the other.

  3. Chelby, Why are you wasting your time with these toys? A real car burns oil. This is as it has always meant to be. The Volt is way too complicated to ever work. We have 100 years of refining the internal combustion engine. Playing with electricity will just get someone zapped someday.

    1. I had to read this a couple of times before I realized you were really serious. The best way to refute your beliefs is to remind you that, as you you said, “We have been 100 years of refining the internal combustion engine” That is correct, and after 100 years of refining, we are only able to squeeze 18%-20% efficiency out of the damn thing. Electric motors routinely get 90%+ efficiency. 80% of the energy produced by your beloved ICE gets lost and dispelled in waste heat. As the world struggles to keep up with the growing demand for energy we simply cannot continue to waste so much of it when there are much better options.
      Oil has had a good run, evolution in now taking place.

  4. There’s room for everybody. We have been charging our cellphones and laptops for more than a decade now. Putting that technology into cars is a natural progression in technology. Gasoline fires are so common the news outlet don’t even report on the 250,000 of them every year.

  5. Does it surprise me that a snobby Tesla driver intentionally ignored the driver of a loudly wrapped oddly shaped electric car? Not in the least! Seems to me like you stole his thunder…I look forward to the day when the novelty wears off. Chuck, you’re my star of the day!

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