Wonk, wonk, wonk…

I continue to be on a policy peeve…over at ABG this week, I stirred the HOV lane pot by illustrating the inevitable consequences of SB 535. The worst part about this one is that with 18 mo til it took effect, there’s no good excuse not to have done it right. Settling is occasionally required, but this wasn’t one of those times.

If you can be a good example, you’ll just have to settle for being a horrible warning. Really hope other states heed ours.

One thought on “Wonk, wonk, wonk…

  1. Sorry to go off topic. Are you featured in Who Killed the Electric Car? If so I am like your biggest fan. My engine repair teacher at Ohio Technical College (Cleveland Ohio) showed your film on the last day of class. No one in the class was interested but I watched with great enthusiasm (sorry for the spelling), until the teacher switched to another video featuring cars with interna combustion engines LOL. I still have not seen the end of the film (I plan on buying a copy) but I want to thank you for being in the film. I secretly fell in love with alternative vehicles after that film based on your apperance Your passion moved me especailly the segment when you are standing next to a mechanic showing the difference between repairing a ice engine and electriacl vehicle.. Talking about alt vehicles at school is like equating (sorry about the spelling) to being a hippy. You just don’t talk about it. Even though the class is required to graduate from automotive technology school. LOL.

    I do have one question (and then I will sign off). There seems to be a gap between automotive mechanics who are passionate about alt fuel cars and those who are in the alt fuel community. It ‘s as if both groups are at 20 paces waiting to see who draws first. How can I get my feet wet in the alt fuel community and start the bridge process between the two groups?

    Thanks for putting up with my rambling note.
    Secundra Beasley
    Ohio Technical College 2011

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