A few of our own…

We lost a few of our own yesterday; there’s just no other, more elegant way to say it. The electric vehicle community is a close-knit one and too small to begin with. To all of us, Doug Bourn, Brian Finn and Andrew Ingram were colleagues. To the employees of Tesla Motors, they were family and friends.

Working for a start-up can be a challenge, and much has been made of Tesla’s ups and downs. But ever since this company has been little more than a few folks and a converted Lotus in a San Carlos garage, some of the most talented people in the industry have chosen to be there because they are dedicated to the mission and to each other. Many have sacrificed to do it, though I know that not only are they not thinking about that in this moment, most count themselves lucky to have gotten the chance. They have changed things.

The three men lost in the crash will be missed- they already are. However, Tesla’s future successes will not be accomplished in spite of this tragedy, but because smart, passionate people like Doug, Brian and Andrew chose to work there in the first place, and because those who remain press on.

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