Agent provocateur…

I was asked recently to do an interview for, about plug-in cars and the opportunities to combine them with solar power- “PV/EV”, as named by those who choose this option. But while I think that solar -and renewable energy in general- is a great solution for powering cars, this message has had some unintended consequences. And we all know how well I keep my mouth shut on such things…

3 thoughts on “Agent provocateur…

  1. Pretty comprehensive interview. I get the feeling that many questions were met with unexpected answers. I think people expect you to be much more antagonistic toward the automakers. They don’t realize that this is a positive cause, so ultimately you can only win with optimism and tenacity.

    For the first time in my life, I’m considering a GM vehicle (the Volt). I’m sure I’m not a lone.

  2. Hi Chelsea,
    Thank you again for doing the interview with SolarChargedDriving.Com. As you can see by the comment above, it’s generated interesting thought and discussion among quite a few people (I promoted it pretty heavily in various Facebook fan clubs and on Twitter).

    In fact, your answers inspired some new thoughts on my part, which I’ve written about in the following column, ‘Why solar is an electric car game-changer’ –>

    I hope you have a chance to check it out sometime.

    Take care.

    –Christof Demont-Heinrich

  3. Chels,

    Excellent interview – you stated your views without putting anyone down or driving anyone away.

    As stated on the other thread, it looks to me that plug-in fuel cell vehicles have a real, neart-term opportunity, with recent developments in smaller, cheaper fuel cell stacks from GM, and the 60% conversion of sunlight into hydrogen production. The recent developments in EV and FCV port vehicles and buses are educating industry and policy makers, while EV motorcycle racing series and EV car / motorcycle drag racing is educating consumers.

    I am very bullish on the adoption of alternative fuel / propulsion vehicles, and it’s only the lack of something to buy now that’s slowing the adoption.

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