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The current economic climate, state of the auto industry, and concerns over energy security and environment are often referred to as the “perfect storm” for EVs. If that’s the case, then the folks at Plug In America are tracking the hurricane. Already known as one of the best places to get centralized info about plug-in vehicles, they have just added to their site a tool many of us have been pining for. The Plug-in Vehicle Tracker is a comprehensive list, updated monthly, of all the automakers who’ve got a PH/EV program and the current status of each one. Who’s where, and what’s coming when in the world of passenger cars, 2-wheelers, even commercial vehicles. Given how many programs there are to follow these days, I know just how much work maintaining such a thing requires- even if, admittedly, it’s a problem we’ve been working for years to have! Since PIA has always been as organization made up almost entirely of volunteers, it’s even more impressive. In order to keep things as accurate as possible, they’re also thrilled to get tips from the public or the manufacturers themselves about any new developments, so fire away!-

4 thoughts on “Storm chasing…

  1. This is a great list, but here are two entries that should have been there:

    Venturi Fetish (Cars & Trucks)

    * The Fétish was first introduced in concept form at the 2002 Salon
    International de l’Auto (International Geneva Motor Show).
    * The retail price for this car has dropped to €297,000 as of May 2007
    (approx. US$400,000), VAT included. No sales data is available, so it
    is unclear if any have shipped to customers yet.
    * The futuristic design of the car was done by the Parisian designers
    Sacha Lakic.

    MotoCzysz E1pc (2 & 3 Wheel Vehicles)

    * Made in USA (Portland, Oregon)
    * New electric super-bike designed in 5 months from a modified MotoCzysz C1.
    * Uses the same Agni motor used by Team Agni to win the first TTXGP
    race (June 12th 2009).
    * One prototype build and entered at the TTXGP race.
    * Date of availability or price unavailable. ICE C1 goes for $100,000 USD

    Keep it up Shel,

    – Nick –

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