From one extreme…

My husband and I have a long-running playful competition going of who has driven more cool, concept, prototype or otherwise interesting electric vehicles. Yesterday, at the Electrifying North Carolina conference, I drove this- an interesting paradox to the Volt test drive, for sure!

I think this has gotta put me in the lead…for now.

1918 Detroit Electric, currently owned by Duke Energy
1918 Detroit Electric, currently owned by Duke Energy

5 thoughts on “From one extreme…

  1. Here’s a short list of vehicles for you should be able to get test drives, now that you have your own blog – Fisker Karma, Tesla Roadster Sport, Aptera 2e or 2h, Mitsubishi I-Miev, Mini E …

    Just like Jay Leno, you have your own following of vehicle enthusiasts that these manufacturers would love to reach.

  2. Hi guys,

    Actually, the only ones on that list I’ve not driven is the Fisker and Roadster Sport (I’m lucky enough to get to drive the regular Roadster now and then)- though I aim to correct that!

    Fortunately all of those guys are located somewhere in CA, and I’ve known most of them for several years, so have been able to talk my way into the cars. Truth be told, I’ve probably been winning our little competition for a while now, but Bob works at Tesla, so he one-ups me in other ways!

    I write a bi-monthly auto column for a female-oriented magazine, and have covered the Roadster, Mini E, and iMiev- that piece just went up today. They’re obviously not Dan Neil caliber or anything- not even as long as the Volt piece, but I can re-post them here if there’s interest.

    1. As long as those publications allow you to repost those articles, then yes, please post them. It would be great if you got a chance to drive the Fisker and Aptera and wrote about those.

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